Beezid- Winning Tips You Will Need

At first, Beezid seems like a dream come true. Opening the home page presents the viewer with great deals. You will see iPads selling for five dollars or a copy of Windows 8 for three. Those of you playing along at home know that this is less than ten percent of the original cost of these products. Remember the opening of this article? Beezid is a dream come true – If you’re lucky. Beezid is a harsh place for the unprepared. You will not want to jump in unprepared, and that is why you are reading this guide: You want some winning tips for Beezid. And you will need them.

First, being a sharp little bugger, you will notice the different icon next to each auction. You are undoubtedly very smart, so you will not need a guide to tell you that hovering your mouse over each icon will tell you what it means. You know that the snowflake, for example, represents a “freeze” auction, where the price is kept at a certain point, and the winner is not the highest bidder, but the last bidder. The cherry icon represents an auction that can only be won by a person who has never won an auction before. Yes, that’s a sex joke. There are also turbo auctions, which are very fast, thriller auctions which disable automatic bidding, and a few other types.

But enough background, you want to get to the details. You want to know the tips; you want to win. But first, a bit more background. How does Beezid make their money? It’s simple: Bids cost money. Each bid costs you 55 to 90 cents, for a median of around 70 cents per bid. Each item starts at one penny, and each bid raises the price by one cent. So, if a certain iPad is currently priced at $20, there have been 20 times 100, or 2000 bids on that iPad. If each bid is 70 cents, Beezid is making a staggering $1,400 from a single iPad, and the auction isn’t even over yet. Beezid will lose money on some items, and make huge profits on others, which evens out in the end. Or does it? You can do the math and decide for yourself.

But the important part of this article is how you, dear friend, can win one of these auctions. At first, it seems impossible. There is a simple trick: Practice. Bid on unpopular items. Stay away from the home page until you have won a couple of auctions. Sure, the homepage has the best deals on the most wanted products, such as the newest technology, but it is also the most noticed page. Keep in mind that each bid is costing you money, and decide if it that new iPad is worth it. The sticker price may only be $15 or so, but it may take you over 500 bids before the auction ends. Are you saving money, or are you better off, in the long run, using eBay or Amazon?


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