Soundproof Panels

When it comes to understanding sound proof panels, one has to come to terms with the term “soundproof”. Sound proofing is any way of reducing sound waves to a specified sound source. With that being said the way sound proofing has been used over the ages has been with some sort of insulation or “panels”. The term insulation refers to a substance that slows or retards the transfer of heat or sound. In music studios, insulation such as foam is used to soundproof the rooms so peak sound quality can be recorded. 

Now that you understand the history behind sound proofing, here are some ways to use panels to correctly sound proof a room of sorts. There are many places to choose from where you want the panels, as well as size shape and functions. Generally you’d want to go with the most absorbing/defusing panel there is due to the high level of sound impact that it will have. Many people will go with the most cheapest route which is to use “egg cartons” but in all reality, they might have the aesthetics of what you are looking for but does not actually give you want you want sound wise. Things will really have to depend on what type of setup you have and how it relates to what you are trying to accomplish. Generally you should have an easy time figuring out what type of panel you want, allowing it to fit you budget and setup type. Once you have all that figured out you ready to install. Installing is quite simple, as when you buy the panels they sound come with instructions, and depending on the type of panel you may have to apply some sort of adhesive before hand but most likely they come with some one the back piece. 

In conclusion, soundproof panels have been used all through out history ever since homes were created, they all had some sort of insulation which created a damping of most outside noises , such as rain and wind. When looking at modern day sound panels we can take a look at both cars of today and music studios which both show the demand in sound damping / reduction. Music studios world wide need to fine tune their sound to produce the ideal wave length to create a certain type of vibe that they originally wanted. Sound proofing will always be something the world will need, due to the high volumes and frequency’s of sounds everywhere. 


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